Co.Labs Announces New Incoming Executive Director

Co.Labs is excited to announce that, effective January 4th, 2021, Matt Stefan will be taking on the role of Executive Director at Co.Labs.

Co.Labs is excited to announce that, effective January 4th, 2021, Matt Stefan will be taking on the role of Executive Director at Co.Labs.

Matt brings a wealth of leadership experience in the technology and startup sector to this role, having most recently served as Chief Mar-Tech Officer at FrontRunner Technologies and as Co-Founder at Festfeed Developments Inc. Originally from Regina, Matt has since built strong networks in Kelowna, Vancouver, and most recently Toronto. He has held a diverse array of roles in business development, finance, marketing, and leadership and, as an alumnus of Accelerate Okanagan, League of Innovators, and C100, Matt is well acquainted with the startup incubation process. He has also been involved in the non-profit sector, having recently Co-Founded RE:store, a platform that connects video creators with Black-owned businesses seeking advertising support.

With continued support from key partners such as Western Economic Diversification Canada

and Innovation Saskatchewan, Co.Labs is well-positioned to facilitate this leadership transition. This marks a new chapter that will build upon the strong foundations established since Co.Labs launched in 2017. Co.Labs will continue striving to help create the next generation of great technology companies into 2021 and beyond.

Join us at the upcoming Co.Launch Finale on December 10th at 2:00 pm (CST) to hear pitches from several promising early-stage Saskatchewan startups as well as a fireside chat between our Incoming and Outgoing Executive Directors.


“It has been a privilege and an honor to build and lead Co.Labs these last few years with the support of our Board of Directors, team, founders, and community. I look forward to seeing the organization expand to new heights over the coming years and am thankful to have played a small part in it all.” - Jordan Dutchak, Founder and Outgoing Executive Director
“I am a product of great leaders, mentors, educators, and investors who supported me in my ascent through the Canadian innovation ecosystem. I understand the journey Co.Labs participants are on because I have lived it. As Incoming Executive Director, I am dedicated to inspiring, encouraging, and fostering the next generation of entrepreneurs in Saskatchewan, the province I have always called home.” - Matt Stefan, Incoming Executive Director

Background: Co.Labs is Saskatchewan’s first technology businesses accelerator/incubator. Its mission is to accelerate the development of Saskatchewan’s technology sector by identifying high-potential startup founders and helping them take their technology from an idea to $1 million in annual revenue in under 3 years with a smart cap-table. To date, in just under 4 years of operations, Co.Labs has incubated 123 startups that have collectively raised more than $9 million in private investment, generated over $16 million in revenues, and created 255 new high-quality positions.

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