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Employee Summit

Practical knowledge and skill development from founders, tech employees, and recruiters to prepare you for landing your dream job in tech.

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Virtual Event
September 29th
1:00-5:00 PM MDT
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To resources and our founder Slack Community
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The Process

Ready to break into tech?


Apply for the Summit

A bit of info about you and 3 quick and easy questions. Apply here.


Get Accepted

We're only selecting 150 people to be a part of the summit, so make sure your application is #bomb.


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Attend the Summit

Bring a pen and notebook and be prepare to be blown away from the insights from our founders, tech employees, and recruiters. To cap it off, join our speakers and mentors for a networking session post-summit.


Stay Connected

After the summit, automatically unlock access to resources, connections to potential colleagues, exclusive Co.Labs and community events, and more!

Why Attend

We can't promise you'll land your dream job but attending is a great step!

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Learn from founders & mentors

Get insights and tips from those who make hiring decisions on what they look for in a candidate.

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Post-summit founder toolkit

We'll share a curated list of the best blogs, podcasts, video series and books that are essential to starting your career in tech.

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Experiential learning

No textbooks, no exams. Learn the skills critical to breaking into tech.

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Boost your network

Get exclusive access to the Co.Learn Slack Channel where we foster relationships and drop essential tips & tricks.

We have a two part application. We'll collect some basic information from you now then lead you to the full application.

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More speakers will be announced as we move closer towards the event!

Diego von Söhsten

Senior Product Manager

Kim Badiuk


Aaron Genest

Engineer Manager

Ozzie Neher

Senior Developer

Zac Friesen

Product Manager

Gerry Youzwa

Director Of Training Solutions

Brittany Leaper

People and Culture Manager

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Co.Learn Advisory Board

Helping us provide the best possible experience to all attendees.

Aziz Douai

Dean - Faculty of Graduate Studies & Research

Lee Swanson

Associate Professor

Tavia Laliberte

Vice President Academic

Tate Cao

Associate Professor

Ellen Redlick

Academic Programs &Outreach Coordinator

Gerry Youzwa

Director Of Training Solutions

Jeana Myers


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