A technology incubator that supports validated technology startups to grow their revenues and raise capital.

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Meet The Co.Labs Startups

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Mobile learning software services that helps sport-governing bodies train coaches, promote programs and document the delivery of quality youth sport


Platform that simplifies the process of booking and managing all of your campsite reservations


Commercialization of non-invasive, high-resolution scientific instruments that are built with leading-edge technologies

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An online marketplace for coffee exporters to sell directly to roasters while cutting out the middleman

Gathers real-time analytics from the shop floor. A new way to drive down costs, increase efficiencies, and minimize lead time  

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IoT refrigerated locker solution for workplaces. The secure mini-fridges allow employees to store meals at work without the fear that someone will take or touch their food. Using the mobile app, customers will be able to find, rent, open, and order food to their locker.

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Software that helps track and manage inventory to run better consignment sale events

Valuable phenotyping software that provides timely image analysis to accelerate agricultural research


Homeostasis uses individual room temperature control to enhance your comfort, control, and energy efficiency

Designs and manufactures solutions for infrared spectroelectrochemistry

Canada’s premier grocery comparison site that helps you save money each and every time you shop

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Empowering home service providers and homeowners to do business with greater accountability, efficiency and ease


A smart compact device which is the perfect add-on to any bed which automatically cools you down at night, to help you get your best sleep

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A platform for HR teams to empower employees and offer invaluable insights into company culture and employee engagement

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Form automation platform targeting the immigration industry, allowing for massive time savings on form applications

Final documents, made simple. Cadence is a digital platform that supports family members and executors in completing administrative tasks after a death.

Platform that helps businesses sell their surplus food to consumers at half the usual price. In doing so, FoodRenew reduces food waste and improves businesses' sustainability.



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