A province-wide pre-seed accelerator for early-stage tech startups in the ideation and prototype phase.

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Meet The Co.Launch Startups


Uses neurostimulation frequencies that correspond with frequencies that are naturally produced in the brain to form brainwaves during sleep, mediation, relaxation to heighten alertness. 

IoT connected refrigerated locker bank that allows students to rent a mini-fridge on campus which users can find, rent and open their locker from their mobile device.

Brings VR experiences to traditional indoor entertainment centers as an inexpensive way to diversity their offerings.

IoT modular hardware that helps reduce breakdown-related productivity losses for farmers and solves the problem of modern agriculture.

Express notification system that will take away the stress that comes with the notification requirements following a death.

Platform that diverts unsold and excess edible food from the food service industry and donates it to non-profit organizations through delivery channels.

Software that streamlines the initial client-lawyer intake process by automatically generating follow-up instructions and action items in plain language to facilitate clear and simple communications.

Software that helps modernize inventory and order management system by providing greater count, increased order accuracy and labour savings using AI.


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