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October 1

Pssst, you can do both. 

Startup Fundamentals

Want to run a tech company? This stream is for you!

10:00 am - 12:30 pm

Product & Development

Want to build a tech company? This stream is for you!

1:00 pm - 3:30 pm

You'll hear back within 3 days if you've been accepted!

Real World Skills

No textbooks. Learn about the skills that employers actually care about.

Land a (Your) Job

We can't promise it, but we'll arm you with all the tips you need to ace that interview.

Our speakers are currently building companies, not just talking about it.

Local Leaders

Pick Your Stream(s)

Morning Sessions -

Startup Fundamentals


Learn how sales, marketing, and customer success work in a high-growth tech company - It's a little more complicated than posting on social media and praying 🙏

Session 1

10:15 am - Logo  ≠ Brand  ≠ Marketing

Hasmin AbdulCader - Head of Marketing

Session 2

10:50 am - “Luke, Use The (Sales) Force”

Craig Taylor - Senior Enterprise Account Executive

Session 3

11:25 am - I've Only Got Eyes For You: And 378 Other Customers

Kim Badiuk - Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

12:00 pm - Ready, Set, Chaos:

From 1st Employee to Selling for $65M


Mindy Loverin - Entrepreneur, Growth & Partnerships Expert

Afternoon Sessions -Development & Product


We have three rock-star developers who have worked their way up from being new to coding to running the show 🤘

Session 1

1:15 pm - How To Get An Interview: No Suit Required

Ozzie Neher - Director of Technology

Session 2

1:50 pm - Newton’s Third Law:

What Happens If You Ship This?

Blair Kelsie - Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer 

Session 3

2:25 pm - Learn Your ABC's (Anything But Code)

Tyler Gatehouse - Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer


Brittany Melnyk - Vice President of Product

3:00 pm - Life Is A Highway - Your Career Isn't

Do I need to be a student?

Doesn't matter to us at all. Come as you are. As long as you're under 30.


Can I attend both sessions?

Yes, of course. But if you don’t know what GitHub is, you might get lost in the afternoon session.

Will I need to skip school?

Probably. If you need help getting excused we have a few tricks up our sleeve - please contact us here.


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