Everyday You're Hustlin'

From left to right: BetterCart Founder Melanie Morrison, Innovation Enterprise Associate Director Alix Hayden, SnowHydro Tech Co-Founder Patricia Tozzati

The Challenge

You are in the basement working on your tech startup and think to yourself:

  • What does my startup need to grow?

  • How do I raise investment?

  • How do I convince a technical/business person to join me on this crazy journey?

  • Why is it so damn hard to make a sale?

  • Or one of (the many) other existential crises and questions that come up on this wild ride we call a tech startup

Beginning to validate your idea and build traction can be difficult on your own, and so you look for some advice. You take some time to peruse Google and amongst the 120,000 articles, you realize you're a little more lost than you thought.

That sounds frustrating as hell.... and we feel you. Probably time to call in some back up.

The Solution

A strong mentor network and expertise from the people that are currently growing and scaling tech companies go a long way to accelerating your growth.

We created the Co.Launch program to give you exactly that (plus some other great information and exercises curated specifically for early-stage tech startups).

The Co.Launch program catapulted BetterCart from concept to fleshed out product and taught me 2 years of lessons within 3 short months. Every person with an idea for the next big tech startup in the province should apply. Now. -Melanie Morrison, CEO & Founder of BetterCart

What is Co.Launch?

A Brief History:

Co.Launch was created in partnership with Innovation Enterprise of the University of Saskatchewan (U of S) and Innovation Saskatchewan in order to help early-stage tech startups build their ventures and win their market!


  • Co.Launch is an ideation & prototype accelerator program for product-based technology startups

  • 3 months in length, 1 session per week in the evening


  • Less than 2 years in business

  • Under $10K in annual revenue

  • Operating in Saskatchewan


  • Guaranteed spot in the Co.Labs program cohort

  • $15K cash prize awarded at finale in December

Each cohort goes through extensive market validation, tailored seminars, and mentorship sessions lead by industry experts! 11 companies were selected out of 30 applicants in the last cohort and from that emerged two winners:

  1. BetterCart took home first place and a $10K cash prize

  2. SnowHydro won a ticket to San Francisco through the TTT Trip initiative and a $5K cash prize

Want to become the next big Saskatchewan tech startup? Now is your chance. Applications are now open, and the deadline to apply is August 28th!

Apply now:


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