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9 months ago we launched a beta version of our new curated scale-up program titled Co.Lead, with SafetyTek and Townfolio as the first two participating startups. Fast forward to today, both companies are kicking some serious butt and we are now ready to take the program public as our third company, SalonScale, has just graduated from Co.Labs to Co.Lead.

Co.Lead is a scale-up technology accelerator that supports fast-growing startups increase their revenues, acquire sophisticated investment, and grow their team. In many ways it is the the third and final installment of the "funnel" of programming offered at Co.Labs and fits perfectly within our mission which is:

"to help high performing and high potential tech founders go from idea to $1M ARR in under 3 years and with a smart cap table"

In short, we aim to create 1 Series A stage company per year; we're talking the next 7shifts, Coconut Software, name it.

Entrance Criteria:

  • Be a product-based tech startup (hardware or software).

  • Be earning between $250,000 and $1M in annual revenues.

  • Be coachable and willing to be mentored.

  • Raised at least $250,000 in investment.

  • Have demonstrated 20%+ MoM growth

  • Founder/Team has ability to scale.

Perks and Stuff:

  • Curated opportunities for scaling support

  • Talent recruitment assistance

  • Revenue growth assistance

  • Co-location & space to grow the team

  • Access to partnership perks

  • 1-on-1 coaching

  • Promo and procurement

Meet the Co.Lead startups:

Townfolio is a trusted community profile network used by municipalities and businesses to access hard-to-find public data and discover local opportunities across the country.

"Without Co.Lead, we would not have had any of the resources necessary to get Townfolio to the next stage. Between access to other collaborative Co.Lead entrepreneurs, 24/7 office space, and mentorship from successful entrepreneurs, our experience has proven to be invaluable.”
- Davie Lee, Co-Founder & CTO, Townfolio

SafetyTek is a platform that automatically enforces company's safety program by tracking user activity in real-time, creating accountability throughout their workforce.

From winning the first Co.Launch Cohort in Spring 2018, to graduating from Co.Labs into Co.Lead in the Fall of 2019, Alicia and the SalonScale team have grown at a remarkable rate. Just off the heals of their recent $1M funding round, SalonScale is our newest Co.Lead'er :)

SalonScale is a software that uses Bluetooth scales to measure the exact cost of each hair colour bowl to allow for a more consistent bottom line at hair salons.

Eager to learn more about Co.Lead and the challenges of raising capital? We've locked down the CEO's of SafetyTek and SalonScale to share all of that with you at our September Co.mmunity Night on September 26th, 2019 at 5:30pm!


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