Saskatchewan takes Montreal - A Startup Story

Co.Labs and a select few companies will be heading to Montreal on July 9th for Startupfest 2019!

Over 4 days, Startupfest 2019 will host world-class speakers, thousands of techies, and provide infinite possibilities for collaboration & sunburns.

Co.Labs and Cultivator are off to showcase Saskatchewan startups on a bigger stage and connect with prairie expats + investors. The Saskatchewan delegation will be 26 people strong #powerinnumbers 🤘🏼

Check out some of the Co.labs companies that we'll be showcasing at the Saskatchewan Tent Village 👇🏼

SalonScale is a software that uses Bluetooth scales to measure the exact cost of each hair colour bowl to allow for a more consistent bottom line at hair salons.

Athlete Era has built mobile learning apps and software for sport. Think Duolingo, but for movement based skills rather than language. Teach yourself how to play or coach any sport using a mobile app.

Filtr Trade is an online marketplace for coffee exporters to sell directly to roasters while cutting out the middleman.

Teamlinkt set a goal to create the simplest way to manage your sports team, creating a better experience and season for everyone.

Uctupus uses individual room temperature control to enhance your comfort, control, and energy efficiency.

Brillist has built a project optimization software that makes efficient use of project resources. Now you can finish early, reduce your costs, and predict your project all the way to completion.

Rivercity Innovations is an IoT-enabled asset tracking hardware paired with a mobile app to create a virtual neighbourhood watch system with real-time alerts.

Curbie brings transparency and quality to the Canadian pre-owned car market and uses technology to transform the experience of buying and selling used vehicles.

Canadian Home Buyers Guide finds the best rates and features from multiple lenders without the needless bank appointment. Saves time on mortgage pre-qualification and approval.

OFAS is a form automation platform targeting the immigration industry, allowing for massive time savings on form applications.

See you there?

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