What is Co.Labs?

At Co.Labs we know that starting a tech company is hard, let alone starting one in the Prairies. That's why we were created, Saskatchewan's first tech hub with the sole purpose of helping tech founders and startups in the Province get from prototype to market!

Co.Labs is a non-profit organization that is led by leaders of the Saskatchewan technology community. Our mission is to grow the SK tech community to being a Top 3 in Canada and we will do this by helping startups succeed through providing access to a community, mentorship, and programming.

So What Exactly Does Co.Labs do?

We connect startups with world class tech mentors

Co.Labs provides startups with access to mentors around the world - from Berlin to San Francisco. When a startup is "in the trenches" of building their venture it is hard for them to justify the time to go out and actively seek mentorship. This is where Co.Labs comes in; we hand-select mentors from product-based hardware and software technology companies with experience that is directly applicable to the startups in our program and make create meaningful collisions each week.

What does this mean? Not only do the Founder and CEO get access, but rather all members of a startup team can access top tier mentors who have been there and done it, ensuring that they do not make the same mistakes.

Co.Labs exists to support and foster Saskatchewan's growing tech sector!

We connect startups with the tools to accelerate their venture

From investor term sheet templates to curated accounting services, Co.Labs makes sure that each startup has access to the information, resources, and people it needs when they need it. This means that startups can spend more time on their venture and less time trying to figure out was a T2 NTR is :)

We connect startups with each other

Starting a tech company is possibly one of the riskiest and most illogical things a person can if you are brave enough to do it, don't do it alone.

Co.Labs' rolling cohort (new intake every 3 months) is comprised of product-based tech startups, of which, all have similarities in their revenue models and technologies. What this means is that no matter who your customer is or what you are selling them, you can learn from the efforts of your fellow startups and founders. Think of it like taking the collective mind of 30 people and putting that to work on your startups problems rather than you working in isolation. Every founder needs a shoulder to cry on and also someone to yell at them to move faster in Startupland, Co.Labs is no exception!

Is This For Me?

Think you have a great idea for a tech startup or better yet, have early revenue or investment? Shoot us a line on our website and let's get to know one another!


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