Meet Cohort X

From 21 to 11: meet the Co.Launch tech startups of Cohort X!

What’s New?

This fall, 21 early-stage tech startups were accepted into the Co.Launch program (2x the usual size) for a chance to compete for a coveted spot in the Co.Launch Finale! 

The twist?

Founders have to survive not 1, not 2, but 3 phases before they pitch at the finale! Each phase is a chance for the cohort to develop their startup and prove stronger customer validation, traction, and market potential. Along with the added competition, founders in Cohort X also gain 4 extra weeks of tailored 1:1 mentorship, expert sessions, and dedicated coaches to beef up their company 💪

Meet Cohort X

They made it through the first phase, now it’s time to show them off 🌟

| Adventum Homeschool Quest 

Founded by Lisa Hamoline & Dawn Epp, Adventum Homeschool Quest is an education software platform catered to homeschooling families. Adventum provides parents with the necessary tools to customize and submit homeschool curriculums for Ministry approval.  

| Alpha Tech Solutions

Founder Alexander Crizzle is streamlining health compliance reporting through Alpha Tech Solutions, a paperless system that automates patient intake and driving assessment procedures for Occupational Therapists.  

| Benchmetrics

Founded by Dustin Ratzlaff, Benchmetrics uses web-analytics to provide real-estate agents with valuable insights on marketing and sales performance within their industry. 

| Dark Horse Ag Ventures

Founders Tyler Lefley and Garrett Fraser developed Dark Horse Ag Ventures to simplify data collection and processing for farmers and ag businesses. 

| Ethina Lab

Founded by Natnael Alemu, Ethina Lab uses the latest innovation in smart tech to provide LightUp Gear® for motorcycle and bicycle riders.

| Gear Tent

Founders Nancy Broten and Nathan Evans are on a mission to make outdoor gear more accessible, affordable, and sustainable through Gear Tent, a two-sided consignment marketplace.

| Indigenous Cloud Network

Founded by Morgan Bell, and brothers George Parker and Jeffery Parker, Indigenous Cloud Network is an online streaming platform for Indigenous-made music, and educational materials. 

| Koru Experiences 

Founded by Camille Chartier, Koru Experiences offers a creative, minimalist approach to gift giving through their digital, experience-based gift registry.

| N3XTEP Family Law

Founded by Beau Atkins, N3XTEP Family Law is a platform for families to connect with expert legal services at affordable prices. 

| ParkLynk

Founded by Mahoda Samaraweera & Muhammad Yasir, ParkLynk identifies underutilized parkable city spaces using ground sensors.

| Peppermint Technologies Inc.

Founded by Koreen Mak, Peppermint Technologies is revitalizing HR practices through MYNTIX, a mobile learning platform for employee training.

What is Co.Launch?

Co.Launch is Co.Labs’ free accelerator program for early-stage SK tech startups. Over the course of 16-weeks tech founders receive tailored support to develop their product, prove market validation, and build sales traction. 

The best part? At the end of the program top startups pitch for $20K in no-strings-attached capital at the Co.Launch Finale 💰 Cohort X will be pitching live January 19th, RSVP before spots fill up!

| This program wouldn’t be possible without the dedicated support of partners at Innovation Saskatchewan, University of Saskatchewan, and Prairies Economic Development Canada. Thank you ❤️