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Put your startup idea to the test

Validate your startup idea, receive guidance from successful founders, and hone your pitch for a chance to win $20K.

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Why Join Co.Launch?

Transforming ideas into startups

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Learn from founders and experts

12 weeks of immersive workshops from people with real-world experience building tech companies.

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Compete for cash

Thanks to our program partners, $20K (no-strings attached) is awarded to the top startups at the end of each cohort.

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Challenge your assumptions

Through our market research process, you'll learn whether what you are building is feasible, if customers want it, and how to maximize your revenue potential.

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Boost your network

Get face time with Co.Labs' network of founders, experts, investors, and supporters who’ve pioneered building tech in Saskatchewan.

Our Process

12 intensive weeks of rapid learning to produce the next Co.Link startups.


Apply to Co.Launch

A selection committee of CEO's, CTO's, and government and university executives choose the most promising startups.


Weekly Meetings

Each Tuesday is a workshops guided by founders and industry experts on the essentials of building a tech company.


Co.mmunity Night Pitch

This is the cohort's first public pitch as they premiere their idea on the Saskatchewan tech scene.


1:1 Strategic Support

Get 1:1 time with our team for support regarding strategy, product, fundraising, and hiring.


The Grand Finale

After 12 weeks, the startups who demonstrate the greatest potential get a chance to pitch at the finale for $20K and graduate into Co.Link.


No hard and fast rules - just general guidelines!

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Technology startup (hardware or software)

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Earning less than $10K in annual revenue

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Able to meet every week on Tuesday evenings

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Headquartered in Saskatchewan

Co.Launch Cohort 8 applications are now closed.

Contact us for more infromation on our next cohort!

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Meet The Co.Launch Startups

Built by founders for founders

An artificial intelligence solutions provider to improve industrial processes. Their first product, Sewer Inspector uses artificial intelligence to find and classify damaged parts in sewer pipes automatically. The current version decreases inspection cost and time by 70% while detecting 7% more defects.


An e-Commerce platform for integrated house design services to fast-track the construction permit process. They strategically on-board local designers and engineering firms to publish their vetted house plans meeting Canadian Building Codes and local construction requirements.

Enviro Integration

Reducing the risk of costly and dangerous mining tailings failures. Software specifically designed to comply with global management standards, and produce transparent performance disclosures, helping mining executives make safer decisions.

FieldAlytics Solutions

Soils are a leading indicator for food security and sustainability of agriculture production, but current soil sampling practices over-commoditize agricultural land and lead to soil degradation. They use NIR Spectrometry and Machine Learning to provide fast inexpensive soil constituent analysis.


On-demand grocery delivery service for customers and an eCommerce platform with an inventory management system for local grocery stores.


Making buying and selling craft alcohol easier than ever by allowing bars, restaurants, and liquor stores to purchase their craft alcohol from various producers in one location at one time.


Helping individuals affected by speech impairment to communicate more easily. They provide a high-tech communication tool to help with speech clarification for speech-impaired individuals, who can use it for their professional as well as everyday life.


An online educational platform aiming to assist students around the world with their educational needs. We match students with experienced tutors of their choice to help them learn technical topics quickly and efficiently.


Making options trading accessible for retail investors. ValuPal provides a comprehensive options trading analysis tool backed up with walkthrough strategies to help bridge the gap between retail and institutional investors.


A video teleconferencing software that is purpose-built for the hard of hearing community. They use AI-powered real-time Speech-To-Sign Language Translation with multiple language capabilities.

What our founders are saying

Co.Labs gave me the tools to build Cadence

"I entered Co.Launch with a problem I needed to solve but no technical expertise. As a non-tech founder, Co.Launch gave me the tools I needed to start and grow Cadence. I would not be where I am today without Co.Labs and I am forever grateful."

Rachel Drew

Founder & CEO, Cadence
Cadence Logo
Headshot of Rachel Drew.

Co.Labs is a world-class accelerator

"Co.Launch is where you go to take your idea to the next level.  It is a world-class accelerator in our own backyard and it completely changed how I see the world. I now feel like I have the tools I need to build a massive company."

Dawson Norrish

Founder & CEO, ArcticShelf
Arctic Shelf Logo
Dawson Norrish

Co.Labs pushed us to better define and validate our product

The Co.Launch program was really valuable as it pushed us to better define and validate our product. As non-technical founders, the program also taught us how to take our business skills and apply them to a tech company.

Connor Regier

COO at GravelHub
GravelHUb logo
Connor - gravelHUB