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Semi-annual summits for future founders and tech employees. Learn from experts about what it takes to be a founder + opportunities to work in development, marketing, sales, product, and much more.

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Two Summits <> Two Ideas

Employee Summits

No fluff or filler. Just real-world advice on how to build a career in tech. Learn from founders, experts, and hiring managers about what they look for in a candidate.

Founder Summits

You don't need a million-dollar idea to learn the fundamentals of building a tech startup. Learn ideation, market validation, sales, and what it takes be a successful founder.

Why Join Co.Learn?

We're welcoming future innovators into the world of tech, one summit at a time.

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Learn from founders and experts

Curated content from founders and experts who are actively building tech companies today.

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Real-world skills

No textbooks, no exams. Learn the skills that are essential to breaking into tech.

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Land your dream job

We can't promise it, but we'll arm you with all the tips you need to ace that interview.

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Boost your network

Plug into Co.Labs' network of mentors that pioneered the Saskatchewan tech ecosystem.

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