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Co.Lead provides curated support to accelerate the growth of high-performance startups. This includes increased access to mentorship, expertise, executives-in-residence, and in-kind support.

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Yes we offer hot-desking and office space, but there's so much more!

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Learn from founders and experts

Weekly office hours and warm intros to founders and experts with real-world experience building and scaling tech companies.

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In-kind services

Free in-kind professional services—including legal, accounting, talent recruitment—from industry-leading partners.

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Exclusive discounts

Hundreds of thousands of dollars in collective discounts to the software tools most relevant for building a startup.

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Join the community

Working alongside the founders, mentors, employees, and partners who’ve made Saskatchewan one of Canada’s fastest growing tech communities.

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Expert Program

60 hours of free consultation with high-level experts across a range of areas—including finance, technical, design, marketing, and many others.

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Office Space

Access to hot-desking, dedicated offices, and board/meeting room space, plus all the amenities from WiFi to unlimited coffee.


No hard and fast rules - just general guidelines!

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Technology startup (hardware or software product)

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Operating in Saskatchewan

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Substantial revenue & user growth

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Full-time, high-potential founders

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Joining Co.Lead

Most startups join Co.Lead by going through our Co.Learn or Co.Link programs first, but may be accepted directly on rare occasion.

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Alto leads the charge in transforming home care and outpatient services, offering streamlined solutions for families and hospitals, easing transitions & enhancing patient recovery.


Cadence is an integrated, end-to-end solution that streamlines estate planning & settlement processes. Businesses that use Cadence can support their clientele without adding extra work to their plate, & individuals that use Cadence are given more time to focus on living, grieving, & healing.


Cubbi is a food service platform & HR tool that helps small and medium sized businesses solve employee engagement, collaboration and productivity. Cubbi brings the best local chefs and meal prep kitchens together in an easy-to-use platform and provides HR managers tools to build a customized food benefits for their team.


Environmental Material Sciences (EMS) offers oil, gas and salt remediation solutions based on proprietary functional material and biotechnologies.


Immigrate has digitized and automated the Immigration process to make immigrating to Canada fast, easy, affordable, and transparent for individuals, businesses, and agents.


Empowering the healthcare industry with immersive solutions that enhance medical education, professional training, and healthcare delivery. Luxsonic was founded around the idea that new technology should be used for the betterment of humankind.


A tool for parking lot managers and operators to improve the parking experience and reduce enforcement costs for lot owners.


Omnee is using an AI-powered digital twin to help homeowners better understand and take care of their homes.

Rivercity Innovations

IoT-enabled asset tracking hardware paired with a mobile app to create a virtual neighbourhood watch system with real-time alerts.


A platform that allows coaches to effectively evaluate athletes in various team sports and run reports to get full information, ratings, and rankings on players


A discreet wearable device that saves lives. In an emergency, a defined support network is notified and 911 is automatically dialed.


The simplest way to manage your sports team, creating a better experience and season for everyone.

What our founders are saying

Co.Labs enabled us to tackle challenges head-on

"Scaling a startup comes with a whole new set of challenges. The Co.Lead program has enabled us to tackle these challenges head-on while continuing to scale fast and use capital efficiently."

Serese Selanders

Founder & CEO, SolusGuard
Solusguard logo
Serese - Solusguard

Co.Labs opened doors and pushed me to hit another gear

"From the mentorship, to the founder run-ins, to the 🍺 🌮, I'm not sure what our company would have looked like without Co.Labs. Co.Labs opened doors and pushed us to hit another gear, while also pushing me to grow as an individual."

Riley Iverson

Founder & CEO, Townfolio
Townfolio logo
Ryley Iverson Townfolio

We’ve found excellent value in the Co.Labs and Co.lead programs.

"Even as a founding team with startup experience, we’ve found excellent value in the Co.Labs and Co.Lead programs. Their team, resources, and network have accelerated our growth and fundraising efforts. We’re extremely proud to be a part of their community and what they’re doing for Saskatchewan's tech sector."

Jay Maharaj

Founder & CEO, TeamLinkt
TeamLinkt logo
Jay Teamlinkt