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Committed full-time to the venture

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Operating in Saskatchewan

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Meet The Co.Link Startups


A three-sided marketplace enabling individuals and caregivers to connect, manage and pay for care while partnering with care facilities to provide a referral service and staffing solution, easing the transition into a care home for individuals on our platform and providing additional work opportunities for our caregivers.


An artificial intelligence solutions provider to improve industrial processes. Their first product, Sewer Inspector uses artificial intelligence to find and classify damaged parts in sewer pipes automatically. The current version decreases inspection cost and time by 70% while detecting 7% more defects.


Addresses the data deficit in the grocery industry with their advanced price analytics platform, helping CPG manufacturers and independent grocers understand their market, pricing landscape, and competition.

Citrus Technology

Software that centralizes the facilitation of youth camps and programs. The software manage a camps' logistics and operations so they can focus on what really matters.


IoT refrigerated locker for workplaces. Secure mini-fridges allow employees to store meals at work without the fear that someone will take or touch their food. The mobile app allows customers to find, rent, open, and order food to their locker.

Dark Horse Ag Ventures

A unique system of data solutions to enhance profitability & simplify precision ag for farmers and consulting agronomists. They provide real-time maps and nutrient recommendations to maximize water & nutrient efficiency.


An assistant for water treatment facility operators that monitors system health and inventory levels. It makes ordering new supplies a breeze, and does this all for FREE.


Dance competition software that allows competition organizers and owners to plan more effective competitions. elev8 has already been used for 3 dance competitions, with 28 dance studios and more than 7000 dancers.

Enviro Integration

Reducing the risk of costly and dangerous mining tailings failures. Software specifically designed to comply with global management standards, and produce transparent performance disclosures, helping mining executives make safer decisions.


Fidu is how lawyers 5x their margin by switching from billing by the hour, to billing with flat-fees and subscriptions.


HazTrack offers near real-time wireless tank monitoring to increase operational efficiency, accountability, and overall customer service for companies in the industrial sector.


Empowering home service providers and homeowners to do business with greater accountability, efficiency and ease by centralizing all processes for home renovations.

Prairie Robotics

Accelerating the world towards a zero waste future. Using machine learning and real time analytics, the firm's waste management solutions identify and track recycling & diversion opportunities.


An innovative online scheduling platform for the courier/hot-shot industry that makes booking a delivery easy by connecting businesses to a network of drivers.


SimpleSet consists of practicing Physical Therapists who are dedicated to integrating technology and improving healthcare delivery. They provide easy-to-use online software for professional exercise program design and simple exercise file management.


Cloud-based business management application for the oil & gas industry. It is built to automate a business's safety, legislative compliance, and equipment maintenance all in one place.


A geospatial artificial intelligence platform for automating laborious manual observation associated with wheat production.


Innovative insulated battery packs designed for the harshest outdoor conditions. With economic pricing and quality construction, Teal leads the way to a brighter future for commercial electric vehicles.


A platform for HR teams to empower employees and offer invaluable insights into company culture and employee engagement.


A DTC brand disrupting the pet care industry with a curation at scale approach towards dog health and wellness. They have entered the market with a data-centric dog subscription box and plan to build out their vet-curated brand.

What our founders are saying

Mentorship and community have meant the world to me

"The mentorship and community at Co.Labs have meant the world to me.  My company has advanced so much due to the time that experts in the ecosystem have spent with me. Awesome people, awesome experience, and hopefully an awesome outcome."

Melanie Morrison

Founder & CEO, BetterCart
Bettercart Logo
Melanie Morrison

The mentorship & resources that Co.Labs provides facilitated Immigrates’ success

“Immigrate is thrilled to be a part of the Co.Labs community. It is a motiving environment with wonderful people. The access to resources that Co.Labs programs provide has helped Immigrate propel to new heights.”

Keli Propp

Co-Founder & Product Manager, Immigrate

We would not be where we are today without Co.Labs

"I can say with 100% confidence that we would not be where we are today without Co.Labs. The education, programming and connections have been invaluable. Saskatchewan is lucky to have Co.Labs."

Joel Pinel

Founder & CEO, Vize
Vize Logo
Joel Pinel

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