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Yes we offer hot-desking and office space, but there's so much more!

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Weekly office hours and warm intros to founders and experts with real-world experience building and scaling tech companies.

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Free in-kind professional services—including legal, accounting, talent recruitment—from industry-leading partners.

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Hundreds of thousands of dollars in collective discounts to the software tools most relevant for building a startup.

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Working alongside the founders, mentors, employees, and partners who've made Saskatchewan one of Canada’s fastest growing tech communities.

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30 hours of free consultation with high-level experts across a range of areas—including finance, technical, design, marketing, and many others.

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Access to hot-desking, dedicated offices, and board/meeting room space, plus all the amenities from WiFi to unlimited coffee.

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We work with >200 mentors and experts. Here are just a few of the incredible individuals helping our companies grow!

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No hard and fast rules - just general guidelines!

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Technology startup (hardware or software)

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Earning under $250K in annual revenue

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Committed full-time to the venture

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Operating in Saskatchewan

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Meet The Co.Link Startups


Specializes in manufacturing air exchangers and polymer shell-and-tube heat exchangers.

Arctic Shelf

IoT refrigerated locker solution for workplaces. The secure mini-fridges allow employees to store meals at work without the fear that someone will take or touch their food. Using the mobile app, customers will be able to find, rent, open, and order food to their locker.

Athlete Era

A platform for youth sports organizations to train and support coaches more effectively through mobile apps.


Gathers real-time analytics from the shop floor. A new way to drive down costs, increase efficiencies, and minimize lead time.

Bed Cooler

A smart compact device which is the perfect add-on to any bed which automatically cools you down at night, to help you get your best sleep.


Canada’s premier grocery comparison site that helps you save money each and every time you shop.


Final documents, made simple. Cadence is a digital platform that supports family members and executors in completing administrative tasks after a death.

Citrus Technology

Software for camps to manage their logistics & operations so they can focus on what really matters.


Environmental Material Sciences (EMS) offers oil, gas and salt remediation solutions based on proprietary functional material and biotechnologies.


Fidu is a contract management and knowledge base platform for lawyers to maximize client satisfaction and firm revenue.


A comprehensive platform that safely connects those in need of home care services to home care providers. FindHomeCare.ca provides peace of mind to care-seekers by verifying care-givers credentials and providing a secure method of payment.


Fundraisn takes the grind out of raising money by giving people access to pre-defined fundraisers that match their profile, location and demographic. It gives people the ability to automatically plan, sell, manage and reconcile one or many fundraisers all from one place.


Online marketplace dedicated to the gravel and aggregate industry. Connecting buyers, sellers, and service providers to reduce risk, broaden supply, increase sales, and make the industry more profitable.


Homeostasis offers a white-labeled IoT platform to empower HVAC professionals by offering a connected data driven tool that improves comfort, indoor air quality and energy efficiency in buildings.


There are two groups of people in this world: you're either someone who will do the work to sell your used items or you can't be bothered. Hyon connects these two groups.

Let's Camp

Platform that simplifies the process of booking and managing all of your campsite reservations.


Simplifying the entire breastfeeding experience. Everything you need to successfully breastfeed, delivered to your door. Leto takes care of you, so you can take care of your baby.


Empowering home service providers and homeowners to do business with greater accountability, efficiency and ease.

Prairie Robotics

Prairie Robotics is accelerating the world towards a zero waste future. Using machine learning and real time analytics, the firm's waste management solutions identify and track recycling & diversion opportunities.


Exercise prescription software used by healthcare practitioners to create custom exercise programs for their clients to improve information transmission with the ultimate goal of improving client outcomes.


StreamTECH is a cloud-based business management application. It is built to automate a business's safety, legislative compliance, and equipment maintenance all in one place.


A geospatial artificial intelligence platform for automating laborious manual observation associated with wheat production.


An online marketplace for massage therapists, which allows clients to find last-minute massages at the click of a button.


A platform for HR teams to empower employees and offer invaluable insights into company culture and employee engagement.


It's time to fundamentally rethink Artificial Intelligence. clevrML is focused on researching the next generation of AI methods that pursue Artificial General Intelligence and will make every breakthrough along the way available to developers through its unique API.


Improves the experience of cosmetic injectables through an innovative platform that modernizes documentation, helps doctors attract business, and empowers the patient-as-consumer at all levels of their aesthetic-care journey.

What our founders are saying

Mentorship and community have meant the world to me

"The mentorship and community at Co.Labs have meant the world to me.  My company has advanced so much due to the time that experts in the ecosystem have spent with me. Awesome people, awesome experience, and hopefully an awesome outcome."

Melanie Morrison

Founder & CEO, BetterCart
Bettercart Logo
Melanie Morrison

I'd be screwed without Co.Labs!

"Co.Labs is an amazing incubator with expertise available at every turn. The mentors provided as well as the peer-to-peer support have been next-level."

Dirk Propp

Founder & CEO, Immigrate
Immigrate Logo
Dirk Propp

We would not be where we are today without Co.Labs

"I can say with 100% confidence that we would not be where we are today without Co.Labs. The education, programming and connections have been invaluable. Saskatchewan is lucky to have Co.Labs."

Joel Pinel

Founder & CEO, Vize
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Joel Pinel

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